From One Woman to Another

Prostate cancer doesn’t affect men alone. The women in their lives face their own unique physical, emotional and spiritual struggles. Yet the woman’s experience and perspective isn’t something that’s widely talked about… until now.

In A Woman’s Guide to Thriving after Prostate Cancer, Solutions for Intimacy Co-founder Cindie Hubiak bravely shares her own story, weaving the reader through her own personal struggles, the grieving process and coping strategies throughout the various stages of prostate cancer.

“I wrote this book primarily for women living in survival mode in the aftermath of their partner’s prostate cancer. I wrote it for women like the one who told me she and her husband divorced after 16 years of marriage because of the estrangement it caused. And I wrote it for women like me who want to learn how to thrive when their lives are upended because of the prostate cancer experience.” – Author Cindie Hubiak

Stop Surviving, Start Thriving

You and your partner can thrive following prostate cancer – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Discover how in A Woman’s Guide to Thriving after Prostate Cancer. You will learn how to:

  • Honor and grieve your losses until you reach acceptance
  • Communicate your desires so you get what you want
  • Understand men and the host of emotions they’re experiencing
  • Establish deeper physical, emotional and spiritual connections within your relationship
  • Enhance intimacy through tantric principles
  • Build a more satisfying, intimate relationship
  • Gain inspiration by living your purpose
  • And much more

We encourage you to read an excerpt and review testimonials from Guide readers impacted by prostate cancer.

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  • Excerpt from The Guide

  • The Journey

  • The Healing Process

  • The Personal Approach

    Sex after prostate cancer can be fulfilling. Learn how we can help you overcome intimacy issues and thrive!
  • Reader Interaction

    Communicating Your Needs

    How do you communicate your needs to your partner? Please share your comments with Cindie and fellow readers.

    Healing Together

    What have you learned during the healing process? Cindie invites you to share the gifts you have found throughout the prostate cancer experience.

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