“After reading A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Prostate Cancer, I was moved by the honesty and vulnerability of the author. Cindie Hubiak portrays the frightening and often times lonely journey of the wife’s role after the diagnosis with tremendous courage and strength.  It should not be dismissed as a survival guide; it is an in-depth blueprint for ultimate self-care for all women.  Many times we are told to ‘love ourselves first.’ A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Prostate Cancer tells us how, step by step.”

~Adell Heinemann

“While dealing with my prostate cancer diagnoses, pre-surgery decisions, surgery, and immediate recovery from surgery, I was focused on me and the process.  When I entered the longer-term recovery phase, I was still focused on the effects surgery had on me. At the time I didn’t realize how the disease could impact the relationship with my girlfriend. A Woman’s Guide to Thriving after Prostate Cancer helped me understand what she might be going through. I wasn’t the only one suffering, and Cindie helped me realize that. This book isn’t just for women. It’s for men who want to empower the women in their lives and ensure their relationships thrive.”

~J.P., treated for prostate cancer

“I am a prostate cancer survivor. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 48 and had surgery to remove his prostrate. A year later he is cancer free and his brother was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is refreshing to read about Cindie’s experience as there are not many resources for women on the effects of prostate cancer on a marriage. Fortunately, my husband and I have a healthy marriage and have learned to appreciate each other more fully through our experience. He learned that I can be a caring and nurturing person through a difficult time. I learned that he is a very strong person that decided that God was using this experience to increase the faith of the men in his church group as they prayed and cared for a friend during a difficult time. We are thriving after the experience and I believe that this book will help other women in this situation thrive as well.”

~ Anita

“Cindie’s book was truly inspirational. I have grappled with many of the same emotions following my husband’s prostate cancer diagnosis – and until reading this book – I felt alone. Cindie gave me the tools and knowledge to move our relationship forward, and I will be forever grateful.”

~ Wife of a prostate cancer survivor

“Thank you SO much for writing this book. I am in the same situation as you, and it’s extremely hard to talk to anyone who understands what wives are going through!  I will start trying after 3 years of nothing.”

~ Reader in Australia

The Guide is also popular on Amazon! Check out the reviews…

“Cindie Hubiak has done such a phenomenal job!! What a great resource of information. When I got to the part of being safe my eyes swelled up and the tears just flowed. I did not realize how important that was to me. I never had a safe feeling anyone there to protect me. The book is encouraging, uplifting and educational for both the woman and man to enrich their life. My boyfriend is now reading it and our relationship is going to take a new road to understanding. Thank you.”

~brengrl222, read more on Amazon

“A must-read for anyone whose life has been touched by prostate cancer – both men and women. A brave and thoughtful guide for women on how to deal with life after the diagnosis of their partner’s prostate cancer. Hubiak offers concrete suggestions on how women (and their partners) can live through the difficult diagnosis and even increase intimacy in their relationships. Hubiak candidly deals with sensitive topics, while offering creative and caring solutions. Her first-hand account of life after her husband’s prostate cancer diagnosis-and her journey to self-discovery and fulfillment-offer loving hope to couples dealing with emotional fall-out of the disease. Men with prostate cancer would also benefit from reading this book, which gives a first-hand insight into what their partners (and other women in their lives) are going through.”

~starscomeout7, read more on Amazon

“I am so impressed with Cindie’s level of honesty and courage. While I am not in this situation, I can use the tools she shares in other areas of my life. I admire her willingness and ability to share her experience with something so personal in such a powerful way. I’m sure this book will help many others who desire more for themselves and their partners and are willing to push past their fears to create a loving relationship.”

~Andrea, read more on Amazon

“This book is an extremely well written guide for women on how to deal with life after the diagnosis of their spouse’s prostate cancer. Cindie uses languaging and exercises to support both sides of the relationship in what works and what doesn’t when moving through this health challenge. This compassionate well thought out book provides tools and resources to overcome the struggles of prostate cancer for couples and thriving in ones relationship.”

~Thomas, read more on Amazon

“This is a must-read for all women regardless of whether or not you’ve been touched by prostate cancer. Cindie bridges the gap between the traditional medical arena and non-traditional approaches. I felt a deep connection to this book as Cindie gets to the core of what we experience in life as women and what we need to know to own our emotional well-being. The alternative approaches she offered I found to be extremely powerful… there are some things modern medicine simply can’t repair. Where the traditional approaches don’t necessarily provide a solution, Cindie found an alternative. She managed to find balance between the traditional and non-traditional, and I look forward to continuing to implement many of the approaches named in this book.”

~Megnroo, read more on Amazon

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