By Cindie Hubiak

We’ve all been there. Continually saying “yes” to requests we know we don’t have time for or putting our desires on hold to help others pursue theirs. We over commit ourselves and give up what we enjoy to make others happy.

Too often, women place the needs of loved ones above their own, disrupting an essential life balance. While it may be necessary to temporarily set aside your own needs during one of life’s many challenges, it shouldn’t become the norm. In order to live a thriving life, you must take the time and care to explore your passions and satisfy your own needs.

Taking time to make yourself a priority often enables you to become a stronger support as a mom, wife, partner and friend. You will feel more connected, confident, inspired and joyful. Here are five tips to help you get started:

  • Schedule time for yourself – Set aside time each week or month that is just for you. Be sure your family honors this time and understands you are unavailable. This is your time to do as you wish. Explore a new hobby or simply catch up on some much-needed R&R.
  • Get physical – Whether it’s dancing in the privacy of your room, yoga, jogging or hiking, find an activity that you enjoy and makes you feel good. Physicality increases confidence and improves overall health.
  • Ask so you can receive – Often we try to do it all. Learn to ask for assistance when needed and then graciously receive it! This will help you ease stresses and free up more time in your schedule.
  • Journal – Journaling can help you connect with your inner voice and quiet your mind. It also provides helpful answers and assists in the process of self discovery.
  • Find something you’re passionate about - Many of us spend a lifetime revolved around caring for others. It’s time to focus on you and get inspired. Create a list of projects you’d like to explore. Use your scheduled time to experiment and purse these new opportunities.



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