By Cindie Hubiak

Valentine’s Day serves as a welcome reminder to reconnect with your partner. To help make this day extra special, I’ve compiled nine tips you can use to revive intimacy and express your love.

  1. Start planning now to eliminate expectations and potential disappointments once Valentine’s Day arrives
  2. Schedule time for intimacy with your partner. Commit to five minutes, two hours or an entire day to spend in a special way. If February 14 isn’t convenient, find a day and time that is.
  3. Agree on a code word to connect you and someone special when you’re with a lot of people. Every time you hear or say your secret word, think of your partner.
  4. Focus on your sense of taste. Observe the flavor, temperature, texture and your expressions. Awareness increases intimacy.
  5. Share one of your dreams with your partner that you never shared before. Intimacy takes courage and practice.
  6. Gaze into the eyes of your partner. Focus on love for a minute, longer if possible, and explore what you experience.
  7. Create a playlist of songs that support intimacy for you and your partner.
  8. Focus on your sense of touch – the feel of your clothing, warm water in the shower, the caress of a loved one. Awareness increases intimacy.
  9. Intimacy is not for sissies! Share your definition of intimacy with your partner. My definition starts with: Into Me See.

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