By Cindie Hubiak

Each Friday, Steve and I post an Intimacy Tip on our Facebook page, @SolutionsForIntimacy. We practice each of these tips ourselves, wanting to reach new levels of closeness within our relationship.

Our Intimacy Tip last Friday, ‘share one of your dreams with someone close to you that you never shared before,’ challenged me more than any of the other tips.  At first, I found it difficult to find a dream that I hadn’t shared with Steve.

As I contemplated this situation, I discovered that I didn’t know what I really wanted. When I hiked Camelback Mountain the next morning, a desire came to me as I watched the lunar eclipse unfold. A big dream sprouted and quickly grew. I couldn’t envision how it could be attained, and I wasn’t sure if Steve would understand. I was afraid to share it with him. I did, though, because I invited all of you to do so.

Our conversation didn’t go well at first. Later I realized I didn’t use the communication technique described in my book. Just when I think I can talk with Steve like a girlfriend, I’m reminded that he’s not. He’s my husband and requires communication in a different way.

Once I picked up the pieces and started over, I overcame my fear a second time and shared my dream with him again. This time he understood and helped me create a vision of my dream that I know can be achieved.

Intimacy takes courage and practice. Dreaming and fantasizing adds a healthy element to a relationship, especially when shared with someone close. I’m going to practice this tip more frequently, allowing my life to thrive even more.


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