By Cindie Hubiak

In A Woman’s Guide to Thriving after Prostate Cancer, I encourage you to interact with me and fellow readers online. Sharing our advice and life lessons will help us all move forward and live thriving lives. Below, I invite you to share your experiences when it comes to communicating your needs.

From The Guide:

Understanding your man’s loss of desire and clearly communicating your needs can save you a lot of pain and frustration. Together, discover ways he can help you feel desired and attractive. Guide him along the way. Get his attention and make a statement before each idea you give him. That way, he knows how much it means to you. To avoid disappointment, be sure to obtain his agreement. Write your ideas for how you want to be treated on small pieces of paper and draw one out each day or week for him.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Notice how my earrings match my outfit.
  • Comment on the color of my nail polish.
  • Plant a lingering kiss on the back of my neck.
  • How ’bout whistling at me when I walk in the room.

If you find yourself supporting a woman in an intimate relationship with a man diagnosed with prostate cancer, use the information provided here as a guide to talk with her about her experience. Offer suggestions and help her find healthy ways to ensure she feels desirable and attractive.

If you support a man through recovery with whom you don’t have an intimate relationship, help him become aware of what his partner may feel. Encourage him to talk about his feelings, letting him know that many men recovering from prostate cancer feel the same way. Delve into the next section for more ways to support him.
How have you communicated your needs? Which ideas did you write down? Please share your insights and suggestions using the comment form below.


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