Yesterday we learned that Derrick Hall, President & CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Our healing thoughts and prayers are with him, his family and his many fans. We also send those same thoughts and prayers to all those impacted by prostate cancer.

Contemplating this news, I reflecting back on my prostate cancer experience and wondered what I would tell the women in Derrick’s life. While his wife is impacted the most, he may have a mother and sister(s). I believe he has a daughter, and I know he has many female Diamondback fans.

Here are my five ideas for these women in Derrick’s life and for the other women who have recently heard this news about the man in their life:

  1. Focus on your man—he’s the one with cancer. Make sure he receives excellent advice about treatment options and focus on what he needs to recover quickly.
  2. For now, take care of yourself just enough to take care of him. Practice more self-care after he is cancer-free.
  3. Use this experience for growth as an individual and for your relationship with your man.
  4. Grieve. Cancer brings changes to life, and when there’s change, it’s important to grieve.
  5. Stay present. Manage your thoughts by breathing deeply, praying, meditating and exercising.

Steve and I will be participating at an event in Phoenix on Saturday, September 24. It’s at The Wellness Community from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The program includes an update from two medical doctors at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Dr. Aynne Henry, a psychologist.

Steve and I will share what we’ve learned about intimacy and sexuality during our prostate cancer journey. Please join us and reserve your spot by calling 602-712-1006. If you’re not in Phoenix, see if there is a Wellness Community in your area and obtain support from this wonderful organization.


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