Do you really know what tantra is? There are a number of misconceptions circulating about it, and for the most part, much of the information is limited to the fact that it involves sex and that the singer Sting is a big proponent. But did you know tantra can also help you regain deep connectedness with your partner and revive intimacy?

Tantra began thousands of years ago in Eastern cultures as a spiritual path with teachings about sensuality and sexuality. In the West, however, it’s commonly thought of as a practice for experiencing extended orgasms. Though it certainly can help extend orgasms, that is only one aspect of the teachings.

The term tantra means “to manifest, to expand, to show and to weave.” Many physicians have referred to tantra as “health enhancing,” and regard sexual energy as one of our most powerful energies for health and vitality.

Tantra is not just about sex though. In fact, sex is just at the surface level of this practice. For many, tantra is a lifestyle focused on forming a deeper connection with themselves and their partners through self reflection, meditation, talk, touch and even just looking with intent at one another.

The practice has also been used to help regain potency in various situations including post-prostate cancer through specific breathing, self-reflection and Pubococcygeal (PC) muscle exercises. With the treatment of prostate cancer, it’s common for impotency to occur as a result of emotional stress. Tantra works to address the root of the problem – i.e. emotional and psycho-spiritual blocks. These blocks, which often manifest from old guilt or unaddressed fears, interfere with energy movement. Once released, energy is able to flow through the body once again.

Those who study the ancient science of tantra establish a deeper emotional and spiritual connection with themselves and their partner, which enhances the act of love and contributes to a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

The practice of establishing a deeper connection with your partner, being present, and being able to access energy movement, including sexual energy, has such an amazing effect on the body. That’s why so many have turned to tantra following a bout with impotency.

Prostate cancer treatment can present a bevy of stresses, fears and distractions that threaten so many relationships. The age-old practice of tantra, however, can help many couples overcome these struggles by teaching them to open their hearts, emotions and sexuality.



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